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Why do parents seek an independent autism assessment?

    • School is not able to offer timely and appropriate services, or there is a disagreement about the level or quality of services currently provided.
    • A child is not making appropriate progress.
    • To monitor the child’s progress (or the lack thereof) from a third-party perspective.
    • To investigate disparities between the goals the child has reportedly achieved and the ability to generalize those skills in multiple environments (home, school, community, etc.).
    • To get assistance in designing appropriate and challenging goals for the child.
    • To achieve a multidisciplinary assessment that uses a range of diagnostic measures

Why a psychologist?

A registered psychologist with specialist training in Autism is able to provide a definite diagnosis. Diagnosis is only reached after a range of testing protocols has been carried out and if it is in the best interest of the child to attract the diagnosis.

Children who have been assessed by Treetops have been offered additional support in school and even a place in a school specialising in Autism as a direct outcome of the assessment results. Families report that by having a better understanding of their child’s behaviour, they are able to find helpful strategies and different ways to engage and communicate with their child. Our team provide full ongoing support with interventions.

Adult Autism Diagnosis

For adults, the result of an adult autism assessment is often one of relief, they talk about finally understanding why they had difficulty holding down a job or making relationships. A huge burden is lifted. This is much the same if the assessment results in Autism not being diagnosed. Accurate and timely information allows various options to be thoroughly explored.  This increases wellbeing, reduces anxiety and helps the child or individual reach their unique potential.

In some cases adults consult us regarding the removal of a historic diagnosis that is no longer appropriate.

Our team are able to provide an occupational audit and offer helpful suggestions as to the type of work that is best suited to the individual. We can also communicate with employers to ensure relevant adaptions are made to facilitate the person with aspergers.
We undertake Adult Capacity Assessments and Fitness to Plead Assessment as well as impact of cognitive disorder on offence in legal proceedings.