The Christine Tizzard Psychology Consultancy cognitive behavioural therapy weight loss programme closely follows the Beck Diet Solution. The Beck Diet Solution has successfully changed the life of dieters in the US for over a decade. The group is facilitated by a chartered consultant clinical/counselling psychologist.

This specialised programme provides strategies and  tools to enable you to change your relationship with food for good. Changing one’s thought processes about food (automatic thoughts and assumptions) produces lasting results. The techniques learnt will ensure you lose weight and then maintain that loss. Weight loss will occur regardless of any specific diet.

The programme drives weight loss and maintenance through sensible eating (not restricting) and gentle exercise. Sticking to the learnt strategies will mean that cyclical and yoyo dieting becomes a habit of the past.  Your weight loss becomes permanent. There are no fads, false promises, restrictions or fasting. You will learn to enjoy your food free from the false belief systems of ‘good’ food and ‘bad’ food.

The group is very suitable for individuals who wish to lose large or small amounts of weight. It works for those contemplating bariatric surgery. It is useful for those who simply wish to manage their weight and adopt a healthy attitude to food. Learn more about this approach at

A clinical nutritionist will also provide input during the course. Telephone and email support are part of the plan and this is available between sessions.

This specialised six week programme limits group size to six. The fee is £500 for the programme. This includes books, CD’s, workshops, on-going support and the services of a dietician. The first intake session is free and explains the programme.

Next course date:  Enrolment  27thth January 2014. Please contact us for a full programme.  

CBT Weight Loss ProgrammeSTOP PRESS Subsidised places available with GP referral, please contact us now

CBT for weight loss is also available as a one to one treatment.