Community Based Parenting Assessments

shutterstock_50580424Christine Tizzard Psychology provides community based parenting assessments using the services of our social workers, (ISWs), with full clinical support provided by the psychological and psychiatric team at all stages throughout the assessment.

These assessments take place in the parent’s home and provide an alternative to residential assessment.

They can be particularly useful in cases involving babies and young children. For older children such an assessment needs careful consideration as the child will be returning to the home. Usually for older children this form of assessment is only used following the successful completion of a parenting capacity assessment where the parent’s ability to parent over more extensive periods needs to be assessed. Community Based Parenting Capacity Assessments can be particularly useful in cases where the parent has previously abused drugs and alcohol.

The main advantages of a community based assessment are:-


    • The parent is in their usual surroundings
    • We can observe the parent carrying out their usual daily routine
    • We are able to see the practical application of their parenting skills over sustained periods
    • We are able to see the support system in action
    • We are able to assess more accurately how they respond to day to day stresses and tiredness


We undertake an initial pre-assessment meeting with the parent(s) and the social worker in order to clarify whether such an assessment may be of potential benefit and what form the assessment should take.

Community Based Parenting Assessments take 6 – 12 weeks.

Please contact us for current timescales and fee structure.