Local Authorities

Local Authorities frequently struggle with large volumes of information about particular cases.  It is often a difficult task to achieve access to the precise information that is needed to make the necessary judgements. [bigarrow]

Christine Tizzard Psychology support social work assessments in a number of ways and provide targeted consultation at an early stage in the process.  This assists improved outcomes and is also financially viable to Local Authorities.

We are to able to provide a range of services to Local Authority Adoption and Fostering Teams.

Professionals working within the caring professions are at risk of compassion fatigue and burnout.

We provide a high level of professional support to social care professionals in several ways.

Christine Tizzard Psychology provide bespoke intervention to families in crisis.  This is often at the request of a Local Authority or the Family Court. The intervention is usually a last attempt to maintain the integrity of a family before Section 47 proceedings are issued or a Final Order made.