Mindfulness for Foster Carers and Adoptive Parents 

7th November 2013 Subsidised Fee £70.00

Aims and Objectives

This one day course teaches adoptive parents, foster carers and professionals working with Looked after Children basic mindfulness techniques.   These skills will be useful to both the child and adult.

Mindfulness skills are an extremely valuable resource in developing a calm space amid turbulent and threatening emotions.

The skills learnt during this workshop will be useful in helping children acquire the cognitive and emotional space necessary to experience positive emotions.

Mindfulness for foster carers and adoptive parents focuses on simple mindfulness techniques that can be learnt quickly by adults. Once learnt these may be used in a natural way to reduce friction and distress in even the most distressed children.

The mindfulness tools taught on this workshop are divided into two types. These are skills that are able to diffuse a difficult and potentially explosive situation and skills that will promote a general calmness within the child’s emotional system.  Using the two types of mindfulness techniques will help develop attachment, reduce challenging behaviour and generally enhance the child’s well- being.

Mindfulness for foster carers and adoptive parents provides tools that are specifically selected and delivered in an age appropriate format. This ensures that the skills learnt will be useful from toddler stage to adolescence and beyond.

Delegates attending this course are also likely to experience benefits and a possible stress reduction.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants

Learning outcomes

Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of mindfulness and will have gained specific skills that they can bring into the child’s daily routine.  These skills will help manage difficult emotions, create the space for developing attachments and also assist in the healing of past trauma.

Participants may also benefit from an increased feeling of calmness themselves. Those who enjoy the workshop and wish to develop mindfulness at a deeper level may choose to take part on the 8 week mindfulness MBSR course which is held at Christine Tizzard at regular intervals.


The mindfulness for foster carers and adoptive parent’s workshop will take place at Christine Tizzard Psychology, 8 – 9 Trident Business Park, Selsey West Sussex.  Selsey is close to the cathedral city of Chichester which is located on the London Victoria to Portsmouth Harbour Line approximately 1.15 -1.30hrs from London.  Taxis and a bus service are available.

The course will begin at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm

Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day. There are places nearby to enjoy lunch, alternatively delegates may bring a packed lunch.