Chrissie Tizzard Helping Hand

Services at Christine Tizzard Psychology provided to Refugee Children

  1. Initial mental health screening of refugee children on arrival in the UK.
  2. Specialised assessment of a child who is suspected to be displaying symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or behavioural difficulties.
  3. Recommendations will be made for effective treatment and an appropriate clinician identified. Suspected PTSD should only be treated by a psychologist with the appropriate training and qualifications in PTSD.
  4. The treating psychologist will work closely with the child, social worker, school and foster family to treat the PTSD and assist in the cultural transition both in placement and at school.
  5. Placement recommendations and individual educational needs statement.
  6. We provide a range of culturally congruent child PTSD treatment with the assistance of an interpreter. Art therapy, play therapy, Child Centred TCBT are implemented according to treatment need.

These services are available on a case by case basis to Local Authorities.  Please contact us for more details.

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