It is of paramount that psychologists skilled in treating child post-traumatic stress are involved at an early stage following a child’s arrival in the UK.  If appropriate intervention is not available, the cost will be very high.   Treating PTSD is a specialised intervention.

It is imperative that once and for all there is a clear distinctinction made between psychological trauma and other emotional problems.

Services at Christine Tizzard Psychology provided to Refugee Children Summary

In addition to emergency safe placement child refugees require: –

  1. Assess to early specialised psychological screening and assessment protocol.
  2. An individuated statement of emotional need.
  3. Skilled PTSD treatment individualised to the individual child.
  4. On-going monitoring
  5. The opportunity to maintain Cultural links and heritage inherent in any treatment

Treatment protocol

At Christine Tizzard Psychology we provide Mental Health Professionals, Local Authorities and Children’s charities with specialised child refugee trauma treatment services.

In addition, our psychology team provide bespoke training courses to Local Authority Staff, teaching staff, and primary care professionals in identifying atypical trauma.  These are currently held in Canterbury, Kent and Chichester, West Sussex.  The training may also be provided in house.

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